Flexible workspace in London, from a single desk to 100 desks, tailored to the way you work

What Is a Flexible Managed Workspace?

A Divisible managed flexible workspace merges the best bits of private leased offices and fully serviced offices. It’s a ‘plug & play’ office solution – giving you a space you can make your own without the long-term commitment, large up-front cost, or management responsibilities of a private lease.

What does this mean for you? A managed flexible workspace allows you to quickly access a high-quality office without any of the hassle. We handle the design, fit-out, and day-to-day operation of the space; you get an office that fits your needs, brand, and scale. It’s the simplest way to get a workspace that suits you without distracting from your core business activities.

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How We Make Your Life Easier

We’re determined to give you the least stressful office leasing experience possible. That’s why we chose the managed flexible workspace model for our offices in the centre of London’s legal district, and it’s why we go above and beyond with our service.

To make things easier for you, we:

  • design and fit out the space to your specification
  • manage cleaning, maintenance, and daily operation
  • give you help when you need it, with a management team on-site every day
  • consolidate costs into one simple, transparent price
  • provide 140 hours of free board room access per year
  • offer 24/7 entry via secure card access, 365 days a year

Your Own Self-Contained Space

A Divisible managed office gives you all the benefits of a private office on a traditional lease model – a space just for you, freedom to furnish and brand as you see fit, secure fob entry, a dedicated network, and more.

Unlike a regular serviced office, you don’t have to share facilities with anyone else. Meeting rooms, a kitchen, breakout spaces and more are all available on your floor, for your use only. You can even choose your own office layout, furniture, and tech configuration.

27 Furnival Street Self contained Space
27 Furnivsl Street Breakout Area

Fully Managed by Our On-site Staff

We take care of all the least glamorous parts of leasing an office for you. We design the space to your specification, organise a fit-out to suit your needs, and provide ongoing services like cleaning and maintenance.

Our fully managed approach leaves you completely free to focus on your priorities. Less time spent maintaining your space or managing external contractors means more time to focus on operating and growing your own business.

Ultimate Flexibility

A traditional office lease will usually come with a long-term obligation of five or more years, but you don’t know where your business is going to be by then. With Divisible, you get the flexibility of choosing from lease periods as short as six months.

Even if you know you’re going to want to stay longer, you still get flexibility. We offer a fixed pricing model over a two- or three-year term, with a rolling break clause after your eighth month. Especially in uncertain times, flexibility like this is priceless.

27 Furnival Street Meeting Room
27 Furnival Street Desks

Simple, Transparent Pricing

Other office leasing models are a financial minefield forcing you to juggle overheads, amenities, and contractor costs. We get rid of that headache for you with a single monthly fee covering rent, rates, service, IT infrastructure, utilities, insurance, maintenance, and board room access.

Not only do we make ongoing costs simple to manage, choosing Divisible also means you get rid of the upfront capital requirements that come with other office solutions. We fit out your office space for you and don’t ask for a huge deposit.

Speed to Market

Business agility is so important in a market that moves quickly. With a managed workspace from Divisible, you can be up and running in record time – no more months spent negotiating a lease or fitting out your space.

Your Divisible space can also be adapted at any point to suit new requirements. Hiring more employees? We’ll replan your space to add more desk capacity. Decided you need an extra meeting room? Just tell us and we’ll be on it.

27 Furnival Street Kitchen

Does The Space Work For You?

Size isn’t everything you know. It’s also the layout of an office space that determines if it will be suitable for your business.

Consider how many desks you require, whether you need your own meeting rooms, executive offices or breakout space. Do you want it all to be self-contained, or are you happy to share some facilities with other businesses?

Are you looking to expand, and if so what is your growth plan?

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How Can We Help?

Moving office can be an exciting but also stressful time for any business. There are many factors to consider and trying to please everyone can be a big challenge. 

But choosing the right office for your business, whether you are looking for a lease, or a more flexible serviced or managed solution, could be crucial to the success of your business moving forward.

If you need any help in making your decision, or would like to arrange to come and view one of our flexible workspaces Contact Us on 0203 576 2988

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